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New Kit

Started by Stormy67, Jun 19, 2022, 09:16 AM

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Are we moving to Macron? Seems a bit strange to have players announced holding Admiral kit alongside the manager wearing a different brand. 


It would appear so. Admiral was decent quality and up until recently `Macron was a bit "iffy".


Macron make loads of really nice kits these days. I loved the Admiral stuff (the home top was pretty much perfect, and the training gear is nice as well) but I'm sure they won't disappoint.

Anonymous Rich

Bonkers away strip please!


The current away strip is going to take some beating - the number of folk that comment on it from around the world is brilliant. Follow that Macron!


Am inclined to believe that the new away kit will be back to red. The Admiral away top did the business in terms of marking our time at Hampden, letting folk know that we are still here and raising the profile of the club. This one could be a bit conservative by comparison - I hope am wrong. 

Cardinal Wolsey

Macron kits are notoriously small sized - a word of warning to our more fleshy fans (myself included)


Have to say a lot of the Macron kits I'm seeing this season look really nice. Motherwell, Dumbarton and Crystal Palace all looking good.