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Started by Bobthespider, Jun 04, 2022, 08:54 PM

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Do you think the lack of information coming from Queens about our season tickets means we are playing on Friday as has been rumored. Are we happy with this ?


Lack of information is our stock in trade. Not sure how that is linked to playing on a Friday. For the first time in over fifty years I am unlikely to renew my season come what may. If we are at Lesser by Christmas I will hopefully buy a half season but I have no intention of travelling to Larbert for our "home" games. Away games I will pick and choose.


I will renew.
I take the view that I have been waiting for years to watch Queen's play at this level; the fact the board, and or others have not delivered a developed Lesser on time for the start of this season is not a good look, it will not stop me renewing.


Living outside Glasgow as I do, will make very little difference on a personal level where we play. I just hope that we get the stadium properly sorted to that of a Championship club. Would hate to think we rush (poor choice of words I realise)to complete a stadium that is basically not fit for purpose. I understand the wish for the club to be back home but a small capacity which does not cater for home and away fans, to me is counterproductive. I'd much rather bite the bullet for another season and get ourselves sorted for the start of the next season.

Oh and I will be renewing my season ticket.


Friday football....rubbish