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Arbroath v Queen’s - 20/08/22

Started by Calum, Aug 17, 2022, 09:30 AM

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Looking forward to this off the back of our win v Thistle. This will undoubtedly be tough, Arbroath have a cracking record at home. Hoping we can be bold again though with our lineup and start Murray and Williamson together.

Also, getting more and more difficult to justify dropping Bannon. I think he's earned his spot in the team and I'd be happy seeing him start this week.

2-1 Queen's for me!


Despite the good performances from each defender against Thistle, we do need to tighten it up. Six goals lost in three games and Callum Ferrie having made the most saves of any keeper in the league tells its own story. OC will pick the team to win each game and I believe that will mean changes from the team that started last week.   


Reading the preview from Owen in which he says Fox is out for todays game. Massive blow but hope whoever steps in, either Eze or Kilday, plays well.


Quote from: Divvy on Aug 20, 2022, 09:31 AMReading the preview from Owen in which he says Fox is out for todays game. Massive blow but hope whoever steps in, either Eze or Kilday, plays well.
Rumoured to be out for a while with a broken bone in his foot which is a bit of a disaster if true.

Pass and Move

Great win guys and nice to hear glowing reports from most of their fans. Good bunch the Arbroath fans, they've come along way! So have we, more to come I hope.


Managed to stream the game from "Frankfurt" and thought we looked great. Some lovely moves going forward and for most of the match we were well on top. Grant Savoury is a great wee player, and could have (should have, if you are being harsh) had a couple of goals. Mal Boateng looks a real find, exactly what we were crying out for. Pleased for Williamson getting his goal, him and Murray up front are dynamite.

And finally, it's still early days but Eze looks like he'll live up to the hype. Looked composed at the back and won a couple of important headers in the box. Also looked like he was right up amongst the players celebrating the goals and right over applauding the travelling support after the match - superb to see! Any player that comes with their own hashtag is alright with me #DefendLikeEze


Great win, we just looked much better than them which was a welcome surprise. All the team did really well but delighted to see Eze look so good given Fox's injury, and Mal looked so calm again.


Good display and anything short of a win would have been ridiculous but we were a wee bit shaky towards the end. Calum Ferrie is great (apart from kicking) and he had some cracking saves. Savoury looking good and worthy of his place in the SPFL team of the week. Eze settling in well and will be a massive asset. Boateng looks class. Bring on Cove.