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What an Entertaining team-thanks Owen

Started by Pass and Move, Nov 20, 2022, 01:51 PM

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Pass and Move

Well after yesterdays match I just had to start this thread for the appreciation to Mr Coyle and his staff and of course the players to the quality of football. I must admit that I was thinking that our blog guys had been drinking after their very enthusiastic weekly predictions but 4-0 v Thistle and yesterday's 5-2, apologies guys. Makes great viewing from afar and well done to our QP TV people for great Quality highlights. Love it, keep it up everyone.

Wee Willie Winkie

Have to agree. Ok, we got a couple of breaks at Raith, but we've been on the other end of that too.

Rovers are a decent outfit but there were times when we tore them apart. A mention for the defence who have taken a bit of stick, but who did the business time and time again.

All of a sudden, we're right back in the mix. Plus, we remain in the Challenge Cup and have a winnable, albeit very tricky, tie in the Scottish. And .... back to Hampden for a couple of games so no travelling or evening matches at home (for a while anyway).

But then, this is Queen's. Let's keep the enthusiasm at a peep.

Alf Stamp Army

Pleasing on the eye, pleasure as always 😉